CSAA 2012

Qiu Zitong will give a presentation titled ‘Indigeneity in Chinese children’s films’ in the Cultural Studies Association of Australia Annual Conference 2012. This is part of her postdoc project.

Time: 1.30pm-3.00pm Wednesday December 5

Place: Room 442, New Law Annexe, The University of Sydney

Abstract: What is the notion of the Indigeneity in a Chinese context? How is it circulated, contested and visualized onscreen? More specifically, how has the notion of Indigeneity found articulation in the image of children in Chinese cinema post-1949? To address these questions, this paper examines three Chinese children’s films, A Colourful Road (wu cai lu, 1960), Yin Sheng Brother (yin sheng a ge, 1982) and Lala’s Gun (Gun la la de qiang, 2004). It examines the ways in which the trajectory mapped out by Indigeneity through the three children’s films across time and space is consonant with the cultural-historical change that occurred after the Communist Party came to power in 1949. Furthermore, with an aim to bridge the extant gap between child studies and indigenous cinema studies, this paper generates a more nuanced understanding on issues of Indigeneity represented in Chinese children’s films that is simultaneously local, national and transnational.

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