International affiliates

Professor Tim Bergfelder, Head of Film, University of Southampton

Prof. Bergfelder’s research interests include the history of European film industries, in particular the area of multinational co-productions and their relationship to Hollywood. Further interests include comparative studies of cinema audiences; popular genres such as melodrama, exotic adventure films, and horror; the aesthetics of silent cinema; the relationship between tourism and travel and cinema; the cultural reception of popular European film genres; and the biographical and aesthetic trajectories of émigré or exiled filmmakers.

Professor Eleonore Kofman, Professor of Gender, Migration and Citizenship, Social Policy Research Centre, Middlesex University

Prof. Kofman is Professor of Gender, Migration and Citizenship and Co-Director of the SPRC. Her research interests are in family and skilled migrations; gendered migrations, social reproduction and welfare regimes; and cosmopolitan cities. She is currently undertaking research on Civic Stratification, Gender and Family Migration Policies in Europe (Austrian Ministry of Science) and on the Equality Implications of Being a Migrant in Britain . She is a member of the UK Migration and Asylum Group of the UK Women’s National Commission.

Professor Lúcia Nagib, previously of  Centre for World Cinemas, University of Leeds

Now, Professor of World Cinema at the University of Reading.

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