Advisory committee

Kath Albury

Dr Kath Albury is Professor of Media and Communication at Swinburne University, Melbourne.  She specialises in youth and gender in popular media.

Website: Kath Albury

Tracey Crawcour

Tracey Crawcour works in her own practice as an independent assessor in child protection and out-of-home-care, mainly for Community Services and also for some NGOs. She has a Masters in Administrative Law and Policy from University of Sydney.

Dr Melissa Goldman

Dr Melissa Goldman obtained a PhD in psychology from the University of New South Wales in 2000. Since then she has worked as a Senior Research Officer at the NSW Commission for Children and Young People. Her research areas at the Commission are around promoting the safety, welfare and well-being of children and young people and increasing the participation of children and young people in decision making that affects their lives.