Young people

Young people

This project is about films that tell stories about how migration affects children and young people. For this project, we are especially interested in talking to young people who have moved from one country to another, or have travelled a lot inside their own country. We will talk about whether the films get it right, and whether they can help other people to understand what it’s like to move around a lot when you’re young.

We will talk to you in workshops at your school or a centre that you attend. There are four workshops in all, and you can come along to the first one just to see if you like it, and then choose whether or not to come to the rest. We will show you films that we can then talk about, and you will also be able to write, draw or photograph your own ideas about your experiences, or about the films. We want the workshops to be interesting and fun, so we hope you’ll come along to them all.

Everything you contribute to the workshops is kept private. When we publish our resarch,  your name and the name of your school/centre will not be mentioned, so that nobody will know that you took part (unless you tell them).

You’ll be given a detailed information sheet before the workshops start, and a form to sign to say that you want to help out with our project. If you decide you don’t want to be involved any more, that’s fine, you don’t have to continue coming to the workshops, and we will make sure we don’t use any of your contributions.

If you have any questions, you can ask us at any time.